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Gallery - Baskets for Vets

This year Branch 244 Poppy Committee delivered 50 fruit/treat baskets and Christmas cards to Perth’s Veterans or dependants living in retirement homes or on their own.

Treats were made Sue Doran and friends (Gail Boyce, Mary Ann Haughian, Norah Hall, Ann Buchanan, Susan Best, Wanda Redman, Fern Thompson, Alex Ellerbeck, Cathy Packer & Ethel Danforth).

Baskets were assembled by Perth’s Metro.

Baskets and Christmas cards were delivered by the Poppy Committee Friday, 21 December.

We, at Branch 244, can't do enough for our Vets! We appreciate all that they have done for us & our country!

"May we never forget that FREEDOM isn't FREE..."

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