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Perth Inside Out: Army Signals Corps base was known to few Perthites
Hometown News
March 13, 2019

A Canadian Army facility in one of Perth’s neighbouring townships from 1962 until 1994 was known to few local residents, and even fewer have ever set eyes on it. There was little to see anyway, as most of it was underground.

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Catch the Ace winner in Perth with $13,100 prize - NEW
by Laurie Weir
Perth Courier
Jan 27, 2019

There’s been a winner of the illusive Catch the Ace in Perth.

Bill Don, an avid dart player at the Perth Royal Canadian Legion Branch 244 was the winner of $13,100 after the draw on Friday, Jan. 25.


Shadow Box Presentation
Hall of Remembrance Museum
February 1st, 2019

Two Perth area men were honoured at our Hall of Remembrance Museum today, with the presentation of shadow boxes which have been crafted by MWO (Ret) Ken Miles, MMM, CD, of Pembroke.


Hundreds gather in Perth during Remembrance Day service
by Laurie Weir
Perth Courier
November 11th, 2018

Hundreds gathered Sunday, Nov. 11 in Perth for the Remembrance Day Memorial Service, hosted by the Perth-Upon-Tay Legion Branch 244.


Pilot William Kyle honoured at museum
October 25, 2018 by Terry O’Hearn

One of the most prominent exhibits at the Perth Legion Hall of Remembrance Museum commemorates Perth’s Flying Officer William Kyle and five other crewmen, who went missing during World War II over the jungle of what was then known as Burma, and is now Myanmar. (More)

Legion supports veteran attending Perth’s Project Trauma Support
Jul 31, 2018 by Desmond Devoy Perth Courier

Unfortunately, Perth’s Project Trauma Support program has proven to be very popular.

With 14 "cohorts" so far, and with a total of 150 first responders and military personnel having gone through the PTSD program at Tay River Reflections Medical spa, the program has also recently embarked on a partnership of sorts with the Perth Royal Canadian Legion Branch 244.

Andrew Ronald Gamble
10 July 1899 - 03 November 1917

03 June 2018 - Elmwood Cemetery, Perth, Ontario

With the help of Perth Upon Tay, Branch 244 , Royal Canadian Legion replaced a 100 year old rotted cross erected by the Gamble family in memory of Andrew Gamble, killed at the 2nd Battle of Passchendaele.



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