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By Wayne Steele


The Legion was founded in Canada in Winnipeg in November, 1925 as The Canadian Legion of The British Empire Service League.

In 1932 a group of veterans in Perth and the area applied for a Charter and were granted one on March 20th, 1933 with a nomenclature of Branch 244 Perth-Upon-Tay. A listing of the original charter members is on display in the lounge. The charter was hung in the Mess Hall at the armouries (now the Free Methodist Church) and meetings were held here for many years. There has also been a mention that meetings were held at some homes and in a room above the Royal Bank. Click here for Perth Courier April 7, 1933 article.

On April 5th, 1947, the Legion purchased the Matheson House (now the Perth Museum) from the town of Perth. The upper floor of this building had 3 apartments housing Joe Publow, Joe Beatty and Norm Buker and there was a small room for a bar. The partitions on the second floor were removed to make a meeting room and bar. This was also the home of the Legion Sea Scouts and was used for meetings and band practices. Our first President was Dr. W. G. Blair and there have been 29 Presidents since then. In 1960 the word “Royal” was added by virtue of the Queen and we then became The Royal Canadian Legion.

Steele & Day

Wayne Steele with World War II Army veteran Edward (Ted) Day, on September 7, 2010.

In 1963 the members decided it was time for a new building and many of them put up their houses and property for collateral to guarantee the mortgage to purchase land and construct the new Legion at its present site 26 Beckwith St. East, along side of the Tay River between the Drummond St. and Beckwith St. bridges. The following members became the mortgage holders: Barry Mullville (President), Alfred Allan, William Allan, John Brankin Sr., William Buffam, Alex Buker, Richard Cardiff, Gordon Casey, Charles Code, Donald Crawford, John Culligan, Norm Davis,James Day, Edward Day, (see photo on the right), William Farrell, Thomas Hansen, Del Harper, Mel Kirkham, John Lackey, John Lancefield, John Maitland, Archibald Marshall, Keith McLaren, Vincent Price, William Riddell, Hugh Rogers and Ken Walker. Click here for Perth Courier April 22, 1965 article.

The building was officially opened on June 7th, 1965. To date we have about 940 members and are very involved in the community raising funds for veterans, our youth, bursaries, hospitals and many more projects and charities.

The Ladies Auxiliary to the Legion received their charter on July 9th, 1953 and their first President was Ann Brankin. The Ladies Auxiliary are an essential part of our Legion assisting with operating funds by raising monies from banquets and other projects and contributing greatly to the community.


Hall of Remembrance

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The Hall of Remembrance Military Museum at Branch 244 in Perth contains thousands of Military artifacts donated by area men and women and their families, who served Canada in both World Wars, Korea, and on peacekeeping duties.

The Museum also has an assortment of items representing foreign military services, and the Museum library has a large collection of Military non-fiction and fiction reading as well as reference material.

Hall of Remembrnace 2


We are The Guardians of Remembrance